Nursing Team

At Sherrill House, interdisciplinary care teams meet regularly to review and revise treatment plans. Families, residents, and patients are encouraged to attend, to share information and stay informed. These meetings are led by nursing staff and focus on the needs of the residents, patients and their families, with the intention of coordinating care, to realize the best from each of the disciplines offered at Sherrill House.

Professional licensed nurses collaborate with Certified Nursing Assistants to adapt care plans and utilize the full spectrum of resources available. One management tool used by the nursing team to accomplish this is the primary care nursing model. When the care plan is developed, nursing staff are designated as the ‘primary care team’ for that resident. This helps assure consistent, attentive nursing care throughout the patient’s stay.

Sherrill House is, above all, a nursing center, and each member of the team, from the extraordinarily well qualified and experienced leadership to the highly trained and attentive aides, understands and is equally committed to our mission: They Who Care, Heal.