November 1, 2011

As (my partner’s) hospital stay was ending, the case worker presented J. and me with a list of nearby rehab facilities; as J. was incapacitated, it fell to me to select from the list. Not being from Boston, I intended to visit each recommended facility, and then consult with Dr. R. as to the best facility for J. Sherrill House was the first on my list to be visited.

Brad, your Director of Admissions gave me a tour. I was first impressed with the quality of the furnishings and amenities in the lobby, the degree of cleanliness on each floor visited, and the separation of care units. I was also impressed with the staffing, both the numbers of nursing staff and assistants on the floor, and in the number of therapists in the gym… Brad made many references to Dr. R. clearly communicating that Sherrill House was familiar with and followed Dr. R.’s protocol. I was so impressed with what I saw and heard that I made my decision on the spot, and never visited the other facilities.

I was proud to carry my decision back to J…She was transported by ambulance from the hospital and beat me to Sherrill House. As I entered her room on the second floor, she was surrounded by nurse and nurse assistant and others welcoming her and getting her ready for her extended stay. Including the social workers, therapists, doctor and nurse practitioner who later came on the scene, your staff couldn't be more loving and caring…From my perspective, I want to convey to you that Sherrill House is an outstanding facility, and you and your staff should be very proud.


October 24, 2011


The Sherrill House is a beautiful facility. What makes it beautiful is the warmth supplied by the people inside it.

Please extend our heartfelt thanks to the staff. They made our family and mother E. so comfortable during her short stay.


S. L.

October 18, 2011

Dear Patrick:

I miss your personal delivery of the Wall Street Journal and so many other kindnesses from you and the staff of Sherrill House. The many cheerful ladies who answered my many calls for assistance all made my stay easier. The therapists were both demanding and encouraging so that I am well launched on a recovery plan and very grateful for my stay with you.

With great thanks from us both to all our friends at Sherrill House.


J. & B. H.

August 30, 2011

My sister and her husband were very appreciative of the excellent care you gave her in her final days, especially for the support and comfort provided by C.'s chaplain.

August 22, 2011

Thank you for all the care that S.P. received while a resident at Sherrill House.

August 8, 2011

I just want to say thanks for caring for my brother. All of you will never know how much I appreciate it. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers...God bless all of you.


August 8, 2011

To All,

Thank you to everyone who cared for my Aunt, E.H., during her stay at Sherrill House. I know she received the best care possible. She was a very independent woman with a mind of her own. This often made it difficult for anyone to help her over the years. However, I know that she developed some good relationships with those who cared for her at Sherrill House and she often commented on how nice everyone was.

Thank you for making these last few years of her life as pleasant as possible.



July 20, 2011

Dear Patrick:

Thank you so much for your direct friendliness and desire to be of service - with humor! I must say that from the very beginning of my recovery here at Sherrill House I was impressed with the gentle kindness and efficiency of every employee. Yes, the building with its beauty and cleanliness and many areas of quiet restfulness, of busy therapy and clinical care has been "Top Notch." As my stay and recovery progressed, I found that nothing was left to "routine." I began to realize that your team here is as dedicated to my great recovery as my surgeon was to highly successful surgery. I see why Dr. R. trusted me to your care, knowing that the outcome of my surgical experience depended on great rehabilitation care and supervision. Everyone, from housekeeping to CNAs to RNs, secretaries, P.T. and O.T. , made my recovery a marvelous success, and I thank God for your special care. Even dietary made every effot to meet my nutritional needs. What a great team you have! So glad to have your special care.



June 7, 2011

Mrs. H’s daughter wanted me to tell the staff that she and her family greatly appreciated all the care her mom received. She watched staff take care of her during her last moments….Mrs. H. wanted to give a special thanks to Marie who tried to comfort her …and took good care of her mom before she passed.

Laiping Yee LCSW

Social Worker

Dear Patrick:

What can I say other than thank you for your kindness and generosity during my stay at Sherrill House. Needless to say, my room, the daily newspaper(s), the cheerfulness and dedication of the staff and the care provided added a sense of normalcy during my stay and lifted my spirits.

Most important, I experienced compassion and caring by the nursing staff – on all three shifts – they never let me down or forgot why I was at Sherrill House. I found Sherrill House to be a distinguished facility truly dedicated to getting patients to feel better.

My best wishes to you, Patrick, for your continued success at Sherrill House, along with accolades for your loyal staff.



June 2, 2011

To you, Patrick Stapleton, CEO, and all the folks assisting to care for D.:

I attended…your annual meeting: Loving Kindness Incorporated. Wise folks, too. My focus is, of course, best care for D. Thank you for your dedication and commitment.


April 13, 2011

Many thanks to all the staff who provided fine, loving care to (our loved one).

A. & R.L.

February 14, 2011


Kudos to the planners of the wonderful night (Valentine's Spa Night.) The food was super, as were the activities. But the best part was the relaxing atmosphere. It was so special seeing family and residents enjoying a wonderful time. Just like being in the family room with no problems, no health concerns. We need times like this. Thank you and the staff.

Sincerely yours,


January 29, 2011

Dear Patrick:

Words cannot express my thanks to you for making my stay at Sherrill House the very best. I'll never forget your kindness to me and my family...



January 26, 2011

Dear Mr. Stapleton:

Here is a small initial token of our appreciation for the wonderful environment you have provided for our uncle. You and your marvelous staff have already made an enormous differenece in his life.


M.S. & S.P.

December 21, 2010

To the Nurses, Aides, and Staff on the Second Floor:

Thank you very much for helping J. (and us) during his stay at Sherrill House. You were terrific!

W.D. and extended family

December 14, 2010

Thank you to everyone for being so welcoming and informative! My incredible experience at Sherrill House has completely affirmed my decision to pursue (a career in) therapy.

T.G., Volunteer

December 6, 2010

Our mom enjoys the fact that there are great activities that enable her to interact and to occupy her time. We appreciate the excellent service rendered by your staff during our recent Thanksgiving celebration. Thanks. Keep up the good work.


October 27, 2010

To All:

With sincere appreciation and warmest thanks to you.