October 21, 2010

Sherrill House:

Thank you for taking such good care of our loved one. We can’t say enough about Sherrill House!

Thank you,

C. & W.O.

October 17, 2010

...I remain extremely grateful for the compassionate care taken of my aunt by Iona, Brad Burkhart, and all the staff of the Special Care Unit...I would like to say again how thankful I was to Stephanie Recchia who was so helpful to me as I.S.'s guardian not only when she was admitted to Sherrill House, but throughout her stay and her final days under the care of Hospice while remaining at Sherrill House. Other staff with whom I dealt during my aunt's stay were Melissa Muccioli, Michele Dolan and the Pastoral Staff - Lucy Sanders, Dianne Tow and Erin Keane. It was clear that all of the employees of Sherrill House work together to make Sherrill House a truly exceptional organization.

Very truly yours,


October 12, 2010

To Patrick Stapleton & Staff:

Just wanted to express my thanks for all the wonderful care which you have bestowed on my dear friend. You and your staff are a credit to the health community. Also, thanks for the visitor-friendly hospitality room - one of a kind. The cleanliness is also amazing.


August 11, 2010

Dear Lucy, Sherrill House Volunteers and Staff:

For more than eight years, Sherrill House has been an important part of my life. It started with visits to see my father (a former resident) and later I joined as a pastoral care volunteer. As I began to work with the residents, I always looked forward to their smiles and warm greetings.

Thank you for the expression of kindness when you gathered together to wish me well as I go forth to pursue additional studies. I will continue to have warm thoughts of all of you at Sherrill House.

With best regards,


June 29, 2010

To the First Floor Staff:

Thank you for the gentle and compassionate care that you all gave to my father during his 5 years at Sherrill House. Sherrill House has also become my "second home." I will miss you!

My sons...and their families and I will be forever grateful.

With gratitude,

R.R. and Family

February 2010

Dear Sherrill House Staff:

We would like to thank all of the people who took care of our mother G.M. We thank all of the doctors, nurses, nursing assistants and all of the staff who took care of all her needs. She taught us how to care for others, the way we cared for her...We love you!


M.B. and our entire family and friends

February 26, 2010

Mr. Patrick J. Stapleton Administrator

RE: Superlative Care, Particularly James (Jamie) Dame

Dear Mr. Stapleton:

During the sixty-two years I've spent on planet earth I have been blessed with only a few occasions where medical treatment was needed. I only spent two nights in a hospital in the past fifty years.

On December 15, 2009 I had my left hip replaced because of advanced arthritis.

While the operation performed by Dr. Thomas Einhorn at Boston Medical Center was a total success and the arthritis pain was obviously absent after two days at Sherrill House, it was now time to recover from the operation and begin using my left leg and new hip. Little did I know it would take a vast new view of how to walk, climb up and down stairs, bathe, sit and even get in and out of bed safely. Additionally, I needed coaching on how to do the appropriate exercises that would empower recovery.

This former patient must tell you that everyone I came in contact with at Sherrill House was obviously committed to patient care and to provide whatever service was necessary to accomplish the goal of recovery. Everyone I met was genuinely nice to me.

Being one that was always ambulatory and independent, the inability to be mobile was a stress creating situation. When this awareness became most keen, Jamie arrived on the scene.

Not only was Jamie reassuring that my independence would be restored but also he was able to show me how that process would be accomplished. While my daily sessions with Jamie caused me to stretch, mentally and physically, indicators of progress pointed out specifically. I knew after our first session that Jamie was the one to trust for guidance in the rehabilitative process.

Today I was practicing walking without a cane, just from room to room in my house. Jamie told me that if I did my exercises religiously all would be well. He was right!

Congratulations for having such a wonderful staff and do let Jamie know he is my hero and mentor in this life changing experience.


A. L.

February 7, 2010

…After my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor, we needed to find a rehabilitation center to get her back on her feet. We were so happy that we selected the Sherrill House. The care that my Mom received was amazing and she grew very fond of your wonderful staff.



December 11, 2009

Director of Human Resources

Director of Nursing

My mother, was recently an inpatient at Sherrill House from October to November following a knee replacement. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent care that was provided. While my mother got very good care, what was also great was how nice everyone was in a very stressful situation for her. Your facility was lovely. In particular, I wanted to recognize Brad from Admissions who took time out to give me a lovely tour and answer my questions. Also up on the second floor, Stephanie (R.N.), Jemma (nurse manager), Danielle (C.N.A), Fred (C.N.A) and Doretha (C.N.A.) really went out of their way to take good care of my mom, and I really appreciate it.

Hopefully, we won't have the need to come back to Sherrill House, but if we ever did, I would certainly recommend it.

Best personal regards.

Very truly yours,


December 2009

…Your wonderful care of B. still warms my heart.



December 2009

To the Sherrill House First Floor Staff:

Thank you for taking care of mom so well. We appreciate all that you do.

November 19, 2009

To the caring people of Sherrill House:

… B., whom you so lovingly cared for during her 18 year stay. I had occasion to visit her a few times while she was there and was always impressed with Sherrill House and the people who work there. The residents all appeared to be treated with love and dignity. Thank you, too, to the lady who came and spoke at my aunt’s funeral. I relayed her comments to my mother, B.’s sister, and she was very touched that she came, and that she captured B. so well in her eulogy.

God bless you and the work that you do.



October 23, 2009

Dear Patrick, et al.,

After my mother PH broke her hip, I had dreaded the prospect of her going to a rehab facility. But the friendliness and warmth of the Sherrill House Staff from the receptionists, to you, to the entire staff of the 2nd floor-quickly belied my fears.

There were days when my mother was acting stubborn, but Michelle in PT and Michael, and then Maral in OT were kind, patient, and persuasive. Alyce always had a smile and a compliment. Andrea, the speech therapist, gave me good advice about helping my mother gain weight. The CNAs were polite and respectful, yet firm. You and Julia Shea were a great help to me and my sisters in terms of what to expect during rehab and placement afterwards.

Thanks to the attention you all gave her, my mother is back at Springhouse, eating with gusto and happily walking with her walker up and down the halls nearly all day long.

I am grateful for all of you for your smiles and encouragement and skill and for making us feel comfortable in our temporary home at Sherrill House.

Sincerely yours,


October 20, 2009

Dear 2nd Floor Staff:

It is hard to thank you enough for all the wonderful care you gave my mother, RM, during the many months she was on the 2nd floor. We felt very fortunate that she was able to be at Sherrill House. It was a luck day in March that there was a space for her. You are some of the most caring, patient, and cheerful group of people I know. So many times I needed to interrupt you if my mother needed something, like to have help being moved and you were always so understanding and gentle with her. Everything ranging from needing her remote control fixed, to a lost slipper, her lunch tray being moved, helping me when I couldn’t push her, to complicated medical things. You took care of it all cheerfully and thoroughly. We think of you often and would like each every one of you to know how grateful we are for your excellent care.

Best Wishes and thank you.

B.G. and Family

September 22, 2009

To the nursing staff 2nd floor:

Thank you for the beautiful service you rendered to my mother, M.D.



September 19, 2009

From the family of RM:

Thank you for everything. You have all been wonderful.

September 18, 2009

Thanks for taking such good care of my mother, MH, I really appreciated your kindness.

E.K .

August 26, 2009

To the Sherrill House Staff:

I would like to thank everyone at the Sherrill House for all you've done for my mom, Mrs. G. M. She was treated with dignity and respect. She felt like a Queen during her stay here.

C.R., J.G., M.B., E.M., and all her family