Long Term Care

At Sherrill House, we have a restorative approach to care which promotes independence, physical mobility, and social interaction.

Through our primary care nursing model, each resident receives personalized daily care from the same members of our team, under the careful supervision of our experienced nurse managers. It's the personal touch that helps our residents feel right at home, and lets their families know they are giving their loved one the very best care. We provide skilled nursing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our nursing staff specializes in:

  • Complex wound care
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Ostomy care and teaching
  • Tube feeding care and teaching
  • Heart surgery care
  • Pain management
  • Therapy for chronic respiratory conditions
  • Diabetes care and teaching
  • Palliative and hospice care, in partnership with VNA Hospice Care

"They Who Care, Heal."

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Main Phone

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