Pastoral Care

Sherrill house takes great pride in offering an array of Pastoral Care programs and services to meet the spiritual needs of patients, residents and families.

Our pastoral care staff is interfaith and offers a non-judgmental presence, respectful of each individual’s beliefs. The pastoral staff assesses the needs and wishes of each resident and family on admission. They are available to visit residents individually to listen and provide spiritual support. Pastoral care is also provided by trained pastoral volunteers.

A sampling of our services includes:

  • Personal pastoral counseling services for residents and family members
  • Weekly worship services
  • Spiritual care at end-of-life
  • Jewish High Holiday services
  • Holiday worship services
  • Monthly memorial services
  • Weekly Bible study groups
  • Hymn and prayers music program
  • Sacraments provided by our chaplains upon request
  • Bibles, prayer books, prayer cards, music tapes and other ritual items provided upon request
  • Weekly poetry groups

"They Who Care, Heal."

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