What Our Patient's Are Saying About Us

Dear Patrick,

From the moment I arrived at Sherrill House, I could feel the difference in the air and atmosphere - pleasant, friendly, cheery, clean, and the overwhelming sense that everyone felt so happy, content and fortunate to be there.

How I miss those fantastic few weeks I spent with you all - where every possible wish and need was anticipated and attended to in such a timely manner.

From the morning Globe hand-delivered by you... your loan to me of your Apple computer, the marvelous, qualified nursing staff on the second floor, the many delicious choices for meals served on hot plates, all the gifted physical therapists (especially my John Kusel), Tat'yana and all her special events we all looked forward to and her specially brewed Earl Grey tea with honey and meyer lemon which she kindly delivered to my bedside - and absolutely EVERYTHING to make my stay unforgettable. I miss you all.

You run an outstanding establishment. Congratulations and thank you.


A.D. - December 30, 2015


H. and I and my entire family can't thank you enough for all the great care and caring you and your entire staff provided during my third rehab. Without this care I would not be doing as well as I have been since getting home.

Thanks again,

P. - December 1, 2015

Dear Jamie,

… I’m feeling very well and am back to normal life...and no pain! I want to thank you and your gang for your wonderful help to me last March. You all made what could have been a miserable experience into a time that was very helpful to me and even enjoyable. This applies to everyone at Sherrill House- I feel my care was the best in every way and the food was good too! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All the best to you all.


N.C. - November 16, 2015

Dear Mr. Stapleton,

The wonderful staff at Sherrill House helped me recover and heal during two different stays since 2014. In January and February… your nursing and physical therapy people helped me regain the ability to walk and eat… .... and helped treat and heal my heart and foot wounds… Thank you so much for all that you and all your great support staff have done for me and my family.

M.B. - November 2015

Mr. Stapleton,

Even though I would have preferred to spend my vacation elsewhere, my time here was, as usual, very nice...

CNAs that were sweet and helpful - Saida and Gemma.

Nurses that were always accommodating and helpful - Joseline and Krista.

And most importantly, the therapists were amazing. I see people downstairs who can barely shuffle along walking two days later and using the stairs three days later... Sean was his wonderful self and I was very impressed with Sheri. She has a depth of knowledge that surprised and, to be true, awed me. I think she gave me good exercises and some for my brain! She is a jewel...

Thanks a lot for my paper everyday and providing such a comfortable and generous spirit place to recover. I loved my room!

Kind regards,

S.R. - August 14, 2015

I'd like to thank you all for the excellent care you gave my mother over the last few months. Your patience and understanding made my mother's last days peaceful. Thank you all.

E.J. - July 22, 2015

Dear Sherrill House staff and volunteers,

What a wonderful day was had by all. Fine weather, good food, festive music and no rain...we wanted to say thank you for the fine barbeque! All of you worked so hard to make sure that all guests were well taken care of, and we were. Thank you so much.

V.H. and Family - July 18, 2015

I felt very much at home there seeing Sarah, Dianne, Sarah-Ann and Sue and being cared for by the great staff. The beautiful Thompson Family Serenity Garden was definitely a factor in my recovery.

L.B. - July 2015

Dear Patrick,

I wanted to extend my deep thanks for all your help during my visit at Sherrill House. The team work was excellent and just about everyone gave me super service. I will recommend it highly to those in need of rehabilitation services...

Very truly yours,

P.T. - June 28, 2015

Hi Patrick,

My mom...is a resident on the first floor, and I just wanted to drop a note to let you know what a wonderful job Sheree, Tresha and Dani do in the activity room there. They are attuned to my mother's individual needs and preferences - so important with Alzheimer's/dementia, when no two patients are the same - and bring such care to their roles. If you could have seen it on Tuesday afternoon, as a D.J. and singer entertained everyone, it was an absolutely joyful place to be, with dancing, singing, and much laughter.

As you probably do yourself, I regularly encounter misconceptions about nursing care and advanced Alzheimer's in my role as a caregiver, and there are so many happy moments in that room that I wish the outside world could see. And it really is a testament to the knowledge, respect, commitment, and loving attitudes of Sheree, Tresha, and Dani. As my mother spends the majority of her day in the activity room, I am very grateful for their contributions to her care.

Thank you for valuing this progressive approach to dementia care and for recognizing that these residents' desire to create, interact and feel joy does not fade.

A.P. - May 8, 2015

I think the PT and OT programs are great. They are very professional yet there is an atmoshere of caring and fun while doing something that can be very boring and stressful. The therapists make you feel very comfortable and explain each exercise and make you think before you act, which helps to keep you safe when you return home. They are a great group!

S.T.- May 2015

The Director and Staff of Sherrill House,

May I express my deepest appreciation for the superb care I received during my stay?

In particular the nurse and therapist Catherine and John...

Again, my deepest appreciation.

R.R. - April 1, 2015

Dear Mr. Stapleton,

I felt very compelled to write this letter after the extraordinary service I saw given to my mom while she was at the Sherrill House...My mom was transferred from...to the Sherrill House. This was her first time and our first experience at any type of nursing home facility and she was very anxious. I will never forget when she first arrived and I called to see how she was and when I heard the anxiety in her voice, I immediately became anxious as well. And then I heard a voice over the phone saying she will be alright don't worry we will take care of her. I reassured my mom that we, my siblings and I, would see her later that evening.

Thank you Janette for keeping your promise from that very first call.

Thank you to Josephine, you were always patient with our many questions and boy did I have them. Thank you - it meant a lot.

Thank you Yvrose for every evening greeting me with that smile and coming in to see if there was anything needed while we visited.

Thank you Joycelyn and Ntuoma for always knowing who needed to help us when questions were asked. Ntuoma thank you for getting to know my mom. She still talks about the goodbye hug you gave her when she was leaving.

Thank you Erin, the day I questioned if Sherrill House was the right place for my mom you reassured not with words but with your actions. Thank you.

Thank you Jessica, each evening when I came in you would greet me always with a smile and ask me how I was doing.

Thank you rehab team, you would be proud. She is much stronger than when she first came in...

Thank you all of you together and each and every one of you separately, for what you did for our mother. Your care and concern meant so much to my sister, my brother and myself...

Sherrill House now has some of the biggest advocates. Thank you very much from the depths of our hearts.

K.T. - March 5, 2015


I just want to take a minute to let you know about my stay at Sherrill House. No one enjoys the thought of having to go to rehab and I must be honest and tell you that neither was I. I have been in many rehab facilities over the years with my parents and I wish I had known about Sherrill House back then.

You and your staff are so kind, patient and professional. I have been blessed to have had my PT with Jamie and OT with Catherine. All the physical therapists care genuinely about the people in their care. You can tell these are people that are automatically compassionate and understand the fears we have.

I have a friend looking at having her knee replaced...and I told her hands down if she needs rehab this will be the place to go. The nurses and CNAs are super, patient and very kind. It was a pleasure to see your smiling, happy face each morning. Don't change a thing you are doing because it all works!

M.S. - March 2015

Hi Patrick:

...I want to thank you and everybody at the Sherrill House for the excellent care and comfort I received while in your care...Hopefully I will be swinging a golf club...sometime this spring.

God bless you and thank you.

E.B. - Febraury 2015

Dear Patrick,

It has been one week since my discharge from Sherrill House. Thanks to all the good work of the staff in every department...I have continued to make real and measurable daily progress here at home...I cannot thank you and everyone at Sherrill House enough for your good work...

Again, thank you sincerely for all you do and have done.

W.R. - January 30, 2015

Dear Sherrill House Staff:

...I wanted to thank the medical staff that was working the night my mother passed...they were so kind and caring and I'd like to give my thanks on behalf of my family. In particular I would like to thank nurses Monica Sirkisson and Joudette Louizia. I would also like to thank nursing assistants Rhona Ashley and Bernice Bailey-Malcolm...These ladies were very kind to me and it's clear they care about the residents...I see them as angels who were looking out for my mother...I hope these two nurses and nursing assitants know that the work they do is important and it has a great impact on the residents of Sherrill House and their families.

With Sincere Thanks,

E.B. - January 1, 2015

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