What Our Patient's Are Saying About Us

I was recently admitted to Sherrill House following surgery. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to your entire staff on the 2nd floor! My AMAZING nurses, including Sherley, Shannon and ALL who took care of me. They were so professional, encouraging and so very kind. I am so sorry I didn’t write down the names of everyone. Your entire staff, from the CNAs, aides, food service, office staff, PT, OT – everyone was just what I needed to be motivated to work hard to get well. I had not heard of Sherrill House before, but am singing your praises from now on. Please extend my sincere thanks to everyone. It took a village to get me back on my feet and I will never forget you. Thank you so much!

M.Q. - October 2018

I was pleasantly greeted with a warm genuine smile. Jeanne Doyle was fantastic and was eagerly awaiting my arrival.

C.S. - September 2018

The nurses and nurse assistants were terrific and were always so professional and helpful to me.

N.V. - September 2018

Rehab Director, Jamie personally helped me overcome the fear of achieving stair climbing using one foot. He understood my fears and limitations and was very patient and encouraging. I achieved my goal because of him.

C.R. - September 2018

Nurse aides Fred, Lesly, and Yolanda deserve praise for their exceptional care.

J.C - September 2018

The people were fantastic from top to bottom. Very friendly staff including front desk, nutrition, PT/OT, and nursing… outstanding!

A.D. - September 2018

“The staff are very professional and very caring to my needs… I felt comfortable here every day and my healing was steady… I’m leaving feeling so good and much stronger.”

“I liked the attentiveness of the staff – they really worked as a team… they assisted patients even if they weren’t their patients”

Survey Respondents - September 2018

“I was very satisfied with my room and the attentiveness of the staff”

“The nursing staff is excellent, and the CNA’s were wonderful and very caring… and if I made a request for anything it was always fulfilled… Great Staff!”

Survey Respondents - August 2018

Dear Staff,

Now that I am home and on my own again I am happy as a lark. During the time I was …under your tender care I promised I would write a letter of gratitude as soon as I was able. Abundant thanks to each one of you for your patience, expertise and generous concern. You helped me believe in myself and gave me the assurance that I could get through your therapy program. Thank you for understanding and working with me. Never stop your beautiful way of working with people.


J.L. - July 16, 2018

Dear Patrick,

On behalf of my wife K. and me I want to thank you and your staff, especially the second-floor staff, for the care given to K. During her week at Sherrill House she improved so much. When she arrived she could hardly walk and by the time she left she was able to walk by herself.

Thank you for your own attentiveness and for the daily papers. Each of you at Sherrill House in your own ways helped K. heal.


S. - June 18, 2018

Dear Patrick,

I am grateful for the fine care provided by the second-floor nursing staff and for all the help from the PT and OT departments as well as the good work of the dietary and housekeeping staffs.

Thanks too for bringing the Globe every morning!


V.B. - June 10, 2018

Dear Patrick,

It is really difficult to know where to begin thanking you...For your care and concern about my Mother? For all the courtesies you have shown me and my family? For the other 1,001 things that seem to be too small to be seen on the screen, but really loom large in the life of the families you meet? Or do I just thank you for all your abilities and sensibilities and professionalism that have helped turn Sherrill House into the best place in Massachusetts, and probably the entire country, for the care of an aging parent?

That my mother was well cared for and well looked after at Sherrill House goes without saying. What should also be added was that she was loved as well. And while we could almost not believe the individual care she got, we soon discovered that that was how ALL patients there were treated…The care in every area was excellent. And the activities? The same. Of course to us the music was of paramount importance, how could my Mother have ever gone on so long without the music.

I really and truly appreciate everything that was done for my Mother, and appreciate the care and courtesy that your wonderful staff showed all of us all the time…Sherrill House was solely responsible for my Mother’s quality of life in her later years, and we appreciate so much how you looked after her…

K.P. - February 12, 2018

Dear Mr. Stapleton,

As the spouse of a recent resident, I wanted to thank the staff for the quality of care they provided to my husband during his recent stay.

While visiting Boston over the Thanksgiving holiday, my husband fell…Not being from Boston and away from our home made the accident more difficult. The staff were all very caring and helpful preparing us for our return to our home.

In particular, I want to thank the head of rehabilitation, Jamie. His work with my husband and his positive attitude helped prepare him for the obstacles he would face on discharge. This made him feel he was in control of his environment and it was extremely important for his continued rehabilitation.

Please thank all the staff for us.

B.K. - January, 2018

Dear Mr. Stapleton,

I write to thank you for the excellent care my friend V. is receiving at Sherrill House…I want to say how impressed and touched I am to have reached you – New Year’s Day! – on the phone, and to realize you are the kind soul delivering newspapers to Sherrill House patients. I hope you’re still in charge when it’s my turn to need good care.

P.H. - January, 2018

Dear Patrick,

Dear Patrick and the 2nd Floor Staff at Sherrill House:

We extend our great appreciation for your excellent care of Mother… The atmosphere, surroundings and engaging staff were perfect and very touching and memorable. Thank you so much!

God bless,

E.R. & S.R. - November, 2017

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