Alzheimer's Care

The Special Care Program for Persons with Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders:

The Special Care Program is based on the knowledge that people continue to change, grow and adapt, even with a chronic illness. Sherrill House has developed a pioneering relationship with the Lewy Body Dementia Association, and is leading the way in the differential diagnosis and treatment of Lewy body disease, Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders.

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The Special Care Program uses a developmental approach, grounded in the belief that:

    • Each patient is the distinct sum of a lifetime of experiences and relationships.
    • Residents and their families need a positive, secure environment.
    • The adaptive capacity of residents, families and staff must be fostered.
    • Strong partnerships among families, residents and staff enable everyone to accept care more comfortably.

The program is designed to:

  • Acknowledge residents’ current strengths and abilities, and validate their efforts to communicate.
  • Embrace personal histories.
  • Provide continual opportunities for success.
  • Accommodate the needs of residents, families and friends during the final stages of life.

Our interdisciplinary team includes nurses, certified nursing assistants, recreation specialists, music therapists, rehabilitation therapists, chaplains, spiritual counselors, social worker, nutritionist, unit manager, program director and physician specializing in gerontology, psychiatry and neurology. Staff is specially trained and receive continuing education and support.

"They Who Care, Heal."

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