Sherrill House's Response to COVID-19

Last updated March 20, 2020

We know that you are very concerned about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its potential impact on you and your loved ones here at Sherrill House.  We share your concern about this dangerous and, in some cases, deadly pandemic and will continue to keep you regularly updated about changes at Sherrill House as a result. 

 Our priority is keeping every patient and resident safe.  We are fortunate to have no cases among patients, residents and staff and very much hope to keep it that way by implementing procedures recommended by federal and state authorities.  We comply with all directives, recommendations or guidance issued by them.

 As always, residents/patients are our focus and we are operating as normal except for restriction of visitors and more precautions in place.  Restriction of visitors is the new normal throughout the industry, however we have been more aggressive than most, and earlier than most in implementing. 

 Sherrill House manages infectious disease daily.  We are fortunate to have 2 full-time certified Infection preventionists on staff and are trained to handle these situations.  Our policies and procedures are thorough, and we have been adding some new ones covering recent directives pertaining to COVID-19. 

 In keeping residents connected to their families, our Expressive Therapy Department has put together a virtual media program.  Residents/families can communicate on iPads with headsets and have virtual visits.  The families are grateful for this opportunity and pleased to be able to check in with their loved ones (look for some new testimonials on our website around this topic!). 

 Thank you to our Sherrill House families and friends that have been so understanding and supportive of us as caregivers, medical professionals and administrators.  We are very fortunate to have a seasoned staff that is knowledgeable, compassionate and committed.   

 Please watch this page and our social media for updates!


Skype Calls with Residents

In order to maintain the health and wellness that comes from social visits – our Expressive Therapy department has created virtual visits for family and friends to visit with loved ones through Skype. The program is a success and our residents/patients love it!

Contact to schedule.
Tel. 617-731-2400 ext. 3020



Sherrill House Worship Services

Chaplain Lindsay Popperson, Music Therapist Chelsea Haynes, Director of Expressive Therapy & Program Director of Special Care Unit, and Development Coordinator Chris Vu take part in an exciting new platform to bring activities, worship and entertainment to the residents and patients of Sherrill House.



Above and Beyond

The Sherrill House staff is second-to-none on a slow day – put them in a worldwide pandemic – and you see them shine like diamonds!! From programs to keep them connected to the outside, Lynn Rose from the Business Office helping a family in the parking lot to multiple one-on-one check-ins with each resident several times a day! Please follow, like, join us on social media to read about the amazing staff that cares for our residents and patients.



Updates from Sherrill House

It is said that social media is used to keep in touch with friends and extended family – but is it really when everyone’s eyes are on their phones?  This may be the one time we will tell you to spend time alone and check out our online presence!!! It is where we will have updates, photos and stories of Sherrill House and the COVID-19 situation.



Trusted Resources on COVID-19

Please do not use social media for information on COVID-19 unless it is these trusted sites that are updated almost by the minute and contain official information. It will take everyone’s participation for us to be successful in dealing with the COVID-19 and we all want to do our part!


"They Who Care, Heal."

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