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One of our resident's family members, Don Marini, is interested in starting a family council at Sherrill House. 
*Please see his letter below; if you are interested in joining the family council or have any questions, please contact him directly at

To the families of Sherrill House residents:

Residents of the Sherrill House and of all Long Term Care facilities should receive the best possible quality of care. This is the objective of the Sherrill House leadership team, and also of the families and friends of the current residents.  To achieve this goal, it is important that these families assume an active role in facility life. One of the most effective ways to participate in the services provided to your loved ones is through the creation of and participation in a family council.

While the emergence of Covid 19 has altered all of our lives, perhaps none have been impacted more than Long Term Care residents.  The care and comfort that our visits provided to loved ones has been absent for more than 3 months, and it’s critical that we have opportunities to share our experiences and concerns with each other and with facility staff.

My name is Don Marini and my mother has been a resident at the Sherrill House for 14 months.  Prior to her residency, she also received rehab care at the Sherrill House following hip surgery.  I’ve spoken with the Sherrill House leadership team regarding my interest in starting a family council, and they are very supportive of this effort.  I’d welcome an opportunity to meet as many family members as possible, and I believe this counsel can help us all to find ways to improve the lives of our loved ones. 

At this moment, what’s most important is getting responses from family members who would like to participate.  Once we have a sense for the level of interest, we can set up the initial video call.  I’d like to suggest Thursday June 25 at 5:30pm for the call, but can accommodate other times if this doesn’t work for interested parties. 

I look forward to your participation and support.

Best regards,



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