Frank Wood

Little is known about Frank Wood. An Irish immigrant, he settled in Boston, married, and operated a highly-successful printing business. He died in 1914, and is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dorchester.

Though the facts of his life are few, he left a significant legacy which tells us much about his values and his concern for his fellow citizens. In his will, he stipulated that his forty acres of land on Morton Street in Mattapan, along with a $50,000 bequest were to be used to establish a “home for destitute convalescents and a home for needy incurables.” In accordance with his stated wishes, the Frank Wood Home for Convalescents and Incurables was built, and operated as a 62-bed, not-for-profit nursing home for many years.

Over time, efforts to expand or modernize the facility were deemed impractical, due to the building’s design and site. Consequently, in the early 1990s, the Trustees of the Frank Wood Home determined that Mr. Wood’s legacy could best be served by merging its operation with that of Sherrill House. This merger was completed in 1995, and the subsequent infusion of resources enabled Sherrill House to erect an expansive new wing and fully renovate the existing facility.

In his will, Mr. Wood expressed his belief that “some great good can be accomplished” by caring for the most vulnerable among us. The Frank Wood Wing at Sherrill House, Inc. is named in his honor and in his memory. The wing was dedicated on Wednesday, October 26, 2005.


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