Special Programs

At Sherrill House, we offer a wide array of Special Programs including Music/Expressive Therapy, Volunteerism, Chaplaincy, and Congregation/ Community Outreach.

Music/Expressive Therapy

Music plays a powerful role in providing comfort, opportunities, for creativity, and a sense of community. Conducted in partnerships with Berklee College of Music and Lesley University, the music program is the first and most advanced of its kind in Massachusetts.

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Through the O.William & Jean S. Haussermann Jr. Program, our corps of 50 volunteers spend more than 2,600 hours each year at Sherrill House. They visit with residents, build strong relationships over coffee, conversation and reading, interact with therapeutic pets, and participate in music and special events.

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Spirituality, grounded in the historic roots of Sherrill House as a faith-based institution, is profoundly important to patients and residents. Led by its chaplain, Sherrill House supports all aspects of its residents’ and patients’ and religious lives.

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Congregation/Community Outreach

Sherrill House values its long-standing relationship with many Boston area faith-based organizations. Trinity Church in the City of Boston and the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts played a historic and pivotal role in the 1960’s by joining with St. Luke’s Home for Convalescents to create the state-of-the art nursing and rehabilitation facility that is Sherrill House today.

Since then partnerships with congregations representing a variety of denominations and faith traditions have expanded the spiritual offerings available to residents, patients and their families. Visiting clergy, musical offerings from nearby congregations and lay pastoral visitors combine to support and enhance the spiritual journeys of Sherrill House patients and residents.


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